Guaranteed Rent

Providing a guaranteed rent for an owner means that HomeCome has to take all of the risks of being a landlord

The Guarantee – HomeCome will enter into a legally binding lease for a minimum of 2 years and up to 5 years according to your preference to undertake all the letting activities and take all of the risk of letting. In return HomeCome will pay you a guaranteed rent and expect you to take out non contents property insurance.

HomeCome bears the landlords risks

HomeCome becomes responsible for the typical risks that landlords face, including:

You may have already tried to let you property yourself or used a letting agent.
Usually you will have borne the above risks even if you have used a letting agent.
The letting agent would have provided a tenant finders service – and charged you for it; or “rent insurance” and charged you for it. But in the main you will have been exposed to the above risks.

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“In the last 6 years I have leased 6 properties to Homecome. All have been, and are, managed & maintained to a high and professional standard”
– Undisclosed client

“The Homecome scheme offers more to landlords than any letting agency can. All terms and conditions are explicitly spelled out, which makes things simpler for both landlords and tenants. Properties on the scheme are incredibly well looked after, which has saved me a great deal of money.”
– Mr Pat Lennon, Leicester

Compare Your Net Income

The income you will receive from HomeCome is negotiable but significantly
greater than the £4400 in the example of a 3 bed house shown below – and
this is guaranteed for the term of your lease.
This compares favourably with the typical risks and costs of letting your
property through a letting agent as follows

Table Letting Agent £ p/a
Rent 6600
less tenant finder -300
less 1 month empty -550
less rent insurance -69
less 8% agent fee -581
less 2nd tenant finder -300
less repairs -400
Owner net rent 4400

Worry Free

And with HomeCome you have no worries about the property being empty or higher repair costs.

HomeCome also needs 2 and 4 bed properties.
Please enquire for the guaranteed rent HomeCome will pay to you for these properties.

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